Lazy River Canoe Trip


Enjoy a two night stay in one of our rustic cabins here at the Pine Crest while relaxing next to the campfire by the Barton River.  On the day and time of your choice head over to West Charleston to the home of Chris McFarland and Clyde River Recreation.  From there, Chris and his small team will shuttle you up river, put your 16 foot Old Towne Guide Canoes in the water with all your safety equipment, as well as plastic molded backrests, and launch you downstream.  Enjoy the peaceful trip winding down the Clyde River through the Northeast Kingdom wilderness with the current helping you along.  Arrive back at Clyde River Recreation’s dock and eat lunch on the river bank or get in your waiting cars and head off onto your next adventure!  The great thing about this package is that the Clyde River team is really flexible.  Once here you can change the day and time of your trip so as to get ideal conditions, and you can even take kayaks rather than a canoe if you would prefer!

  • A two night stay in one our rustic  cabins on the Barton River.
  • Lazy River Canoe Trip, offered by Clyde River Recreation, down the Clyde River, including canoes or kayaks, PFDs, paddles, and a shuttle ride up to your launching point.
  • A very flexible package that will allow you to take advantage of the best conditions!

Make it a great romantic trip for two with one of our small cabins for only $180!

For three people in one of our larger cabins the total cost is only $260.

Even a better deal is for a group of four to take one of our larger cabins for only $285!

All prices include tax.

This package can be customized for a longer stay, larger groups, or both! Please contact Jay at (802) 525-3472 or by email at [email protected] to reserve.